Friday, April 24, 2009

AIX - LVM - Create Logical Volume Copy

AIX - Create LV copy

We can create LV content copy to another PV, after this same LV content is available in Lvcopy configured PV.


#lspv –l hdisk1

Assume testlv available in hdisk1, now we will make testlv copy to hdisk2, using
After this testlv data available in both PV, hdisk1 and hdisk2, If hdisk1 is fail, we can recover testlv data from hdisk2

#mklvcopy testlv 2 hdisk2

Testlv –lv name
2- No of copies, (we can make 3 copies also; this case you put 3 and mention hdisk0 then third copy will be available in hdisk0)

##mklvcopy testlv 3 hdisk0 ( It will make third lvcopy on hdisk0

After executing above command testlv is copied to hdisk2

If you want to confirm, execute the following command

#lslv –m testlv (it will show lvcopy details for testlv)

Hdiks1 hdisk2 hdisk0

Testlv (copy1) testlv (copy2) testlv (copy3)

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